The Decade In Review

The health and climate crises we are in today call for a rethinking of development pathways and destructive practices that failed to prioritize the health of people and the environment. In The Decade In Review, CEED looks back to what lead to the carbon-centric and highly polluting energy sector we have today and seeks to contribute to the discussion of advancing clean and healthy energy for all.


Full Report – The Decade In Review: Expanding Coal, Lagging Renewables, and Rising Fossil Gas

Presentation – The Decade In Review Fast Facts – Presented by Avril De Torres, Research, Policy, and Law Program Head of CEED

Presentation – Towards 100% Renewable Energy Philippines – Presented by Gerry Arances, Executive Director of CEED


In a webinar held on Thursday, May 7, CEED Executive Director Gerry Arances and Research, Policy, and Law Program Head Avril De Torres discussed the findings and forecasts of The Decade In Review. Climate and energy issues experts Bishop Gerry Alminaza of the Diocese of San Carlos, Dean Tony La Viña, Director of the Energy Collaboratory of Manila Observatory, and Yeb Saño, Executive Director of Greenpeace Southeast Asia, joined in on this insightful session.