Guiding Principles

CEED conducts its work based on three guiding principles which serve as foundations for its positions, engagements, and partnerships with other institutions.

Transformative Energy

The organization responds to an overwhelming demand from grassroots communities and progressive sectors for a shift to an alternative energy system which operates based on democratic principles; respects the human rights of individuals and marginalized groups; and ensures the regulation of the energy sector with regards to its accessibility, sustainability and quality for all.

Ecological Justice

The organization promotes the creation of a more ecologically just society through the preservation of the integrity of the ecosystem and the environment; the drive towards a more sustainable and just utilization of natural resources; and the recognition of beliefs and reservations set by indigenous and native communities on industry and progress.

People-Centered Development

The organization holds that sustainable and realistic alternatives to energy, industry and governance are centered on a people-centered development path which prioritizes an industrialization built on enriching the lives of all Filipinos and indigenous communities; enjoins and invites inclusive, participatory governance over industry; and is free from external influence of profit and hegemony, while maintaining competitiveness and sustainability.