Likas kayang enerhiya para sa Albay!

CEED is thrilled to have had the opportunity to discuss options and possibilities for advancing renewable energy in Albay with local government officials.

Tabaco City Mayor Krisel Luistro pledged to support the use and advancement of renewable energy in her city to liberate her constituents from the burden of expensive electricity.

Through Albay Gov. Grex Lagman and Rapu-Rapu ABC President Tom Galicia, a number of solar light and charging kits were also deployed to the municipality of Rapu-Rapu, where many communities remain unelectrified or burdened by intermittent electricity.

A province that is among the most vulnerable in the country to impacts of the climate crisis, moving forward a renewable energy transition for Albay is a positive step towards climate resilience that would also allow residents to reap the benefits of clean and affordable power for all.