Japan: End funding coal, coal is not compatible with 1.5C

JBIC disbursed loan to massive coal project in Indonesia

16th November 2017 12:00PM

COP23, Bonn —

We, undersigned organizations from all over the world, strongly condemn Japan Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC) who has just disbursed the loan for 1000 MW Cirebon Coal-fired Power Plant expansion plan, known as Cirebon 2, in West Java, Indonesia, and also condemn Japanese Government for continuously supporting and financing fossil fuel projects, especially coal, which are incompatible with Paris Agreement 1.5C goal.

On November 14, JBIC disbursed the first loan for the controversial Cirebon 2 project, which Japanese big companies, Marubeni and JERA, have invested in, even though the validity of the new environment permit is still in question. The new permit has been recently issued in lieu of the previous permit that was declared illegal by the district court, and the local groups are ready to file a lawsuit in a week to demand the cancellation of the new permit. JBIC previously concluded the loan agreement one day before the decision of the district court last April 2017. We express our strong objection against JBIC’s continuous neglect of the illegality as well as the local community’s voice and rights.

The local residents are heavily suffering from the loss of livelihoods due to Cirebon 1 (660 MW) which JBIC also financed. Thus, the local residents have pleaded with JBIC not to disburse the loan for Cirebon 2, to prevent further damages to their life.

JBIC’s loan disbursement for Cirebon 2 project and Japan’s continuous support for coal projects undermines global efforts to fight climate change here at COP23 in Bonn, as well as  on the ground all over the world.

JBIC has recently financed Batang, Tanjung Jati B expansion, and Lontar coal power plants, too. In addition to that, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is currently considering financing Indramayu coal power plant. Those projects are all located in Java Island and a total capacity is 6455MW if all these projects are carried out.

JBIC, moreover, is expected to finance at least 8 new coal fired plants projects all over the world, including projects in Vietnam, Myanmar, and Botswana as well as Indonesia. Most of the projects involve controversial land acquisition process, or land grabbing, lack of transparency, human rights violation and environmental degradation.

We demand that Japanese government stop funding dirty energy projects and support universal energy access for people and communities with democratic, de-centralized and sustainable solutions.



This letter is signed by 224 organizations, including those working at international and regional levels plus organizations working nationally in 22 countries.




Friends of the Earth Internatinal

Greenpeace Southeast Asia

NGO Forum on ADB

Asian People’s Movement on Debt and Development (APMDD)

Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives (ARENA)

LDC Watch

Migrant Forum in Asia

SEAFISH for Justice

South Asian Alliance for Povery Eradication (SAAPE)

South Asia Food Sovereignty Network




Australian Marine Conservation Society

Market Forces

The Sunrise Project



Bangladesh Krishok Federation
Bangladesh Jatiyo Sramik Jote
Community Development Library


National Federation of Hawkers


Unnayan Onneshan

VOICE Bangladesh


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Center for Environment / Friends of the Earth Bosnia and Herzegovina



NOAH / Friends of the Earth Denmark



Les Amis de la Terre France / Friends of the Earth France






Friends of the Earth Ghana



Adivasi Mulvasi Astitva Raksha manch

Himalaya Niti Abhiyan

Indian Social Action Forum

Kerala Independent Fishworkers Federation

Mines, minerals and People Inddia

Nadi Gati Morcha

National Federation of Hawkers

National Federation of Women Hawkers

River Basin Friends



350.org Indonesia

AKAR Network

Jaringan Advokasi Tambang (JATAM)

Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia (WALHI – FoE Indonesia)

WALHI West Java


Debt Watch

Koalisi Anti Utang

KRUHA – Peoples Right to Water Coaliton

Solidaritas Perempuan (Women)

Sawit Watch



Friends of the Earth Japan

Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society (JACSES)

Kiko Network

Mekong Watch



Monitoring Sustainability of Globalisation



  1. Youth Circle
  2. Summer Shelter Library ( Shan State )

3 .MPA Myanmar People Alliance ( Shan State )

4. Myannmar Energy and Ecology Network (MEE Net)

5.Myanmar Alliance for Transparency and Accountability (MATA )

6.Kan Chay Arr Mann rural fishery development Network (KCAM)

7. Coal Coalition Group (Hpa-an) – KESAN,RISE,YLC,MATA(Karen),Baedar

8. Swe Tha Har Organization

9. Thuriya Sandra Environmental Watch Group ( Mingin , Sagaing )

10 .BadeiDha Moe Civil Society Organisation ( Yangon )

11.Beautiful Beach Development Network (BBDN) (Ayeyawady )

12.Saytana Shaesaung Youth Organization (Ayeyawady)

13. Young Ni Oo Social Development Organization ( Ayeyawady)

14. Young Ni Oo Women Group( Ayeyawady)

15. Muditar Organization ( Ayeyawady )

16. Paungsee Myittar Organization ( Ayeyawady)

17. Pone Yate Sit Regional Myittar Organization ( Ayeyawady)

18. Pan Tain Shin Rural Myittar Organization ( Ayeyawady)

19. Future Star Youth Organization (Ayeyawady)

20. Lin lake Kyal Social Development Organization ( Ayeyawady)

21. Dhama Alin Yinkyay Lane Mar Association ( Ayeyawady)

22. Pyapone Child care and protection network ( Ayeyawady)

23. Pyoe Oo Yin Education support organization ( Ayeyawady)

24. SarPhyu Famar Network ( Ayeyawady )

25. Democratic Education Corner – DEC

26. Andin Community ( Mon State )

27. Capacity Building for Youth ( Mon, Karen, Dawei)

28. Saneine Melta ( Pyar Taung region Social Development organization ) Mon State

29. Sein Yaung So Activities (Mandalay )

30. Natural Green Alliance ( Mandalay )

31. NgweSaung Youth Network ( Ayeyawady)

32. Ayeyarwady Youth Network ( Ayeyawady)

33. Lattputtar Farmer Union( Ayeyawady)

34.Land in Our Hand (LIOH) Doe Myay Kun Yet

35. Action Group for Farmer Affair(AGFA) (Mandalay)

36. Action Group for Farmer Affair(AGFA) (Bago)

37. Action Group for Farmer Affair(AGFA) (Ayeyarwady)

38. Action Group for Farmer Affair(AGFA) (Magway)

39. Action Group for Farmer Affair(AGFA) (Sagaing)

40. Tigit Area monitoring group

41. Research Institute for Society and Ecology-RISE (Kayin State)

42. Karen Students’ Center-KSC (Kayin State)

43. Bedar Social Development Group

44. Ayearwady west Development Organization.AWDO (Magway , 9th township)

45. Pwinphyu Development Organization. PDO)

46. Saytodetayar Development Organization. SDO)

47. Ayearwady west Development Organization.AWDO(Naphe)

48. Thae Gone Youth Association ( Bago region )

49. Pauk Khaung Forest Conservation  ( Bago region )

50. Alin Say Ta Man knowledge Zone  ( Bago region )

51. PACE-G  ( Bago region )

52. Public Network ( Bago region )

53. POPP Pace of Pleuralism and Peace ) Bago

54. Myat Wonn This Knowledge Society , Bago

55. Myit Makha Watch group  ( Bago region )

56. Alinthitan SDO  ( Bago region )

57. Yoma Chit Thu Environmental Association  ( Bago region )

58. Hinthar Takhun CSO Network ( Tharyarwady )

59. Letpadan Youth Network  ( Bago region )

60. Bago Youth Network  ( Bago region )

61. Sitkwin Youth Network  ( Bago region )

62. Pioneer Angel Women Empowerment Organization  ( Bago region )

63, Yay Kyi San Social development organization

64. Kawlia Yoma Environmental Association  ( Bago region )

65. Shwe Kyin Chitt Thu social development organization  ( Bago region )

66. Kyaukyi Development Watch. ( Bago region )

67. Sittaung Thanzin network  ( Bago region )

68. WON (Taunggnu )

69.Center for Environment and Resources Development in Arakan (CERDA)

70.Wan Lark Development Foundation(Arakan)

71.Peace Working Committee(Arakan)

72.Social Program Aid for Civic Education(SPACE)

73. Mandalay Regional Youth Association (MRYA)

74. Chinland Natural Resource Working Group (CNRWG)

75. Green Bike (Yangon)

76. Paung Ku


78. Tarkapaw Youth ( Taninthary )

79. Uakthon local social development organization ( Kachin State )

80. Kanpetlet land development organization ( Chin State )

81. Open development foundation ( Chin State )

82. Mong Pan Youth Association (Southern Shan State)

83. Dawei ProBono Lawyer Network (DPLN) Tanintharyi Region

84. Golden heart organization ( Mandalay region )

85. Chin women development organization ( Chin state)

86. Visual Advocate (Dawei)

87. Our Lovely World (Taunggyi)

88. Southern Youth (Tanintharyi Region)

89. Our Future Initiative (OFI) Tanintharyi Region

90. Peasant and Land Labor Union ( Myeik )

91. 88 Generation (Myeik)

92. Green Network (Mergui Archipelago) Tanintharyi

93 . Thanbyuzayat Mon Youth

94. Mon Area Community Development Organization (MACDO)

95. Myeik Lawyer Network

96. Mon Youth Progressive Organization ( MYPO)

97. Dawei Development Association(DDA) Tanintharyi Region

98. Dawei Watch Foundation(DWF) Tanintharyi Region

99 . Asiochin Independence  force ( Magway Region )

100. Yomachin (Say Tote Taya  – Magway region )

101. Htee Gyaint Network (Sgaing  Region)

102. Karen Environmental and social Action network (KESAN)

103. Karen Rivers Watch

104. SYNERGY (social harmony organizarion)

105. Mandalay Regional Youth Association

106. Karulatt Myar (Meilthila)

107. Mandalay Affair

108. Shan Youth Yangon

109. Hsaipen Institute

110. Keng Tung Youth Network

111. Green Rights Organization ( Shan State)

112. DEI Democratic Education Institute

113. Salween Alliances Group (Shan)Taunggyi

114.alinsaetamarn library and resource center

115 . Peace World Gender Organization (Taunggyi)

116. Kaman Ethnic Social Natwork

117. Renaissace Research Library

118 Mon State CSOs’ Network

119.Mon MATA

120. Mon State CSOs’ Peace Support Group

121. Hue Hpo Kapaw, ( Karen State)

122 . MATA(Karen State),

123. Pa Don Gu Thar Tha Na Par La Won Thar Nu Rakhi Ta.(16) Villages’ Youth Group, Karen State

124 . Nature Lover (Mandalay)

125. LAIN Technical Support Group  ( Karenni State )

126. Kalyana Mitta Parahita Foundation (Dawei)

127 . Tai Youth Organization (TYO) Shan State

128. Green Trust Pyin Oo Lwin

129. Mi Ka Yin Youth ( Hpa an – Karen State )

130. Hpa-an Youth Network ( Karen State )

131. Thazin Thwee Thit organization

132. Shwe Chan Myae

133. Karen Women Organization  ( Karen State )

134. Karen Peace Support Network ( Karen State )

135. MATA (Rakhine State)

136. People for People ( Rakhine State )

137. KunGyanGone NETWORK. Yangon Region

138. Rakhine Youth New Generation (RYNG) Rakhine State

139. Helping Hand Organization (Chin State)

140. Shwe Bo Buddhist Youth

141. Dawei Research Association






All Nepal Peasant’s Federation

Campaign for Climate Justice Nepal

Rural Reconstruction



National Women Peasants Association

Nepal Youth Peasants Association



Umeedenao Citizen Community Board

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum

Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee



Center for Energy, Ecology and Development (CEED)

Sanlakas – Philippines

Metro Manila Vendors Alliance (MMVA)

Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP)

Kongreso ng Pagkakaisa ng Maralitang Lunsod (KPML)

Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC)


Our Rivers Our Life

Philippine Movement for Climate Justice (PMCJ)

Youth for Climate Justice (Y4CJ)

Sanlakas Philippines


South Africa

groundWork/Friends of the Earth, South Africa

South Durban Community Environmental Alliance


Sri Lanka

Center for Environmental Justice (CEJ)



Spirit in Education Movement (SEM)



Coal Action Network



Friends of the Earth U.S.

Natural Resources Defense Council



350.org Vietnam



Shankar Sharma, Power Policy Analyst, India