Energy in Our Hands

Stories from the Likas Kayang Enerhiya Project in Oriental Mindoro, Negros Occidental, and Sarangani

Today, December 22, the Center for Energy, Ecology, and Development (CEED) celebrates our sixth anniversary.

In gratitude to all who gave meaning to another year of CEED’s journey, we wish to share with you stories from some of the communities who today are taking on the challenge of pushing forward clean, affordable, and accessible energy for all.

As part of CEED’s Likas Kayang Enerhiya para sa Sambayanan project, through the New Zealand Embassy and with unparalleled support of our partners, we were able to work with three communities in Victoria in Oriental Mindoro, EB Magalona in Negros Occidental, and Maasim in Sarangani to put up off-grid solar PV systems for their use, as proof of concept to the potential of renewable energy to assist the empowerment of communities and challenge destructive energy sources and systems that still proliferate in the Philippines.

Our first coffee table book, Energy in Our Hands, can be read or downloaded in this page.

As we mark our sixth year however, many of our fellow Filipinos reel in the aftermath of another disaster – Typhoon Odette, the strongest storm to hit the Philippines this year. In extending our solidarity to all affected, we are also reminded of the urgency of ending destructive energy and industries that trigger a worsening climate crisis, and of switching energy from renewables that can truly benefit people, disaster or not. CEED and our partners’ effort to bring light and basic goods to communities in need continues, alongside our ever stronger calls for addressing the climate crisis and advancing energy transformation.

Onwards to another year in the fight for ecological justice, transformative energy, and people-centered development!