CEED Reactive on G7 Communique

CEED Executive Director Gerry Arances on the G7 Communique published Saturday evening, May 20:

The endorsement of increased LNG deliveries and investment in gas in the G7 communique is no mere backsliding – it is a death sentence being dealt by the G7 to the 1.5°C limit and, in consequence, to the climate survival of vulnerable peoples in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and across the world. Unless they genuinely put forward the phase out of all fossil fuels, Japan and all G7 nations spout nothing but lies when they say they have aligned to 1.5°C. They cannot claim to be promoting development while subjecting our people to decades more of pollution and soaring energy prices. We reject this notion of a development powered by fossil fuels. In the aftermath of the G7 Summit and lead up to this year’s COP, Japan and G7 should already be warned that civic movements will not tire in pushing back against fossil fuels and false solutions, and in demanding a renewable energy transition.”

Photo: 350.org Japan