Who We Are

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What is CEED?

CEED is an independent, non-governmental think-do institution aimed at providing relevant data and information regarding issues pertaining to energy, integrity of ecosystems and the general development path pursued by the country.
CEED envisions a people-oriented, accessible and sustainable Philippine energy sector for all which is founded on the inalienable democratic rights of citizens to quality public service, respects the integrity and preservation of the environment and ecology and is aimed at a development path geared towards social progress while promoting social justice and equality, as opposed to a path dependent on profit and the benefit of a few.

Our Vision

Our Mission

CEED spearheads the drive towards democratic energy transformation, ecological justice and people-centered development by providing reliable technical, empirical, and experiential information gathered through scientific and grounded research, aiding progressive sectors to build a strong narrative for shifting towards a more sustainable and beneficial future for all.